12 CAL Long coat

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ATPV 12 – 20 CAL cm2 fall into category HRC 2 arc flash protection.

The user must perform a Hazard Risk Assessment to determine the level of exposure and need. This task can be accomplished with the proper training and software. Professional assistance is available on request.

Applications with lower voltages and lower fault levels have lower energy levels. Electricians working on distribution boards in various factories , mining and industries with lower voltage applications are not free from arc flash occurrences. Although lower voltages are less likely to jump across phases , when these do occur the arc flash can be just as harmful when the conditions allow. Arc flash occurrences are a factor of the distance between the phases and from the source ( transformer) , the circuit breakers trip time, the available short circuit current, dirt buildup in the equipment which may affect the conductive path, moisture (humidity), circuit supply voltage, amount of motor contribution during a fault, indoor versus outdoor applications and the distance of the user from the switchgear.

Specifications : OSHA 1910.269, ASTM F1506-10A, NFPA 70E-2015, CSA Z462-15

Garment fabric: Ultrasoft 9 Oz. (Imported )

ARC Flash clothing HRC 2, ATPV 12 & 21 cal/cm². Long sleeve dust coast. 2 breast pockets with buttons. New “Easy-fit” design for comfortable fit and fashionable appearance.


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