74 CAL Rescue Kit

This kit includes:

Flash Suit

  • Hood – Ventilated option available – ATPV 74 CAL
  • Jacket & Trousers – ATPV 74 CAL
  • Carry Bag – ATPV 74 CAL
  • Gloves – ATPV 74 CAL

Rescue Safety

  • 1.8m Insulated rescue sticks < 45kv
  • Insulated rubber mats < 1000v
  •  High voltage detector < 1000v
  • Insulated rubber platforms < 45kv
  • Live working boot < 20kv
  • Insulated rubber gloves 1000v < 36kv
  • 1.5m Insulated solid  stick < 100kv/cm
  • 1.5m Discharge rod < 100kv/cm
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Product Description

ARC Flash suits should be accompanied by medium voltage insulated products when switching in on live equipment. This insulated safety equipment protects the user from the presence of voltage whilst arc flash clothing protects the user from arc flash causing excessive heat and arc flash blasts.

Insulated safety products prevent the voltage from passing through the operator. This includes safety equipment to test the presence of live equipment and insulation equipment rated to the correct operating voltage.

That includes insulated rubber gloves and rubber boots, to protect from the presence of low, medium and high voltage.


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